Automotive Leather Solution

Supply for both OEM and Aftermarket vehicle products.


The automotive market has been one of our company's most significant market segments. There are multiple categories such as eco-leather, microfiber leather, Nappa leather, carbon fiber leather, and perforated and embossed versions that can fit the vehicle products.


The application for different locations of the car interior entails different material properties. Each project is somewhat different in the needed performance portfolio and technical testing indicators.


Get in touch. We are happy to exchange opinions on developing suitable automotive grade material for your vehicle product.


Technologies Applied


RIM non-solvent coating technology. SEA-ISLAND microfibers technology. ECO composition technology.


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Our current automotive leather replacement solutions target the applications of car seat covers, steering wheel covers, door panels, armrests, gear shift covers, and car floor mats. Contact us for a case study on the former project.