Baby & Kid Leather Solution

The top priority is to ensure safety, security, and comfort when putting things into the environment with babies and kids.


Kids have a great deal of work to do, like searching to understand the world and grow to be who they are. From their initial days until they're almost all grown up, having the right things for the kids and building the right environment is an important task for the adults. For this sake, it matters greatly to consider what type of materials to be used besides consideration on functionality, fun, and design.


When thinking of babies and kids, it goes without saying that we all intend to secure safety and comfort for them. Our latest non-solvent and nonwoven technologies driven products will fit the needs for securing safety and comfort for the children.


Safety for children: It completely outperforms traditional vinyl or PU on the "eco" feature. Free from issues such as VOCs or DMF.


Comfort for children: It also outperforms traditional vinyl on the "comfort" feature. Soft and stiff-free hand touch and skin-friendly.


Easy to clean: Keep the same easy-to-clean feature as traditional vinyl and PU.


*Sidenote: PVC-based vinyl is considered the least desirable. The vinyl industry has been improving PVC leather as a leather replacement. However, they still may release hazardous chemicals, and also, there is much that scientists still do not understand about the impacts of long-lasting direct exposure to particular chemicals.


Technologies Applied


RIM non-solvent coating technology. SILICONE coating technology. ECO composition technology.

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Our baby & kid-oriented products can be applied to your products, such as playground flooring, wall covering, and seats and furniture for the environment where the baby and kid spend much time. Besides, they can also be utilized for products such as strollers and safety seats. Contact us for a case study on the former project.