Contract / Commercial

Made for heavy usage for contract, commercial, and hospitality projects.


Our company started with contract commercial oriented products and residential products lines many years ago. Therefore, the products for these fields are very long history (more than 15 years).


Our contract/commercial products are made for heavy usage with a series of high performance such as easy cleaning, high abrasion resistance, ESD function, etc.


We offer products engineered for various commercial applications such as offices, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, airports, stadiums, theaters, other hospitality, healthcare, contract applications. Our entire commercial grade can meet or exceed performance standards set by your industries. Happy to offer free samples.


Combined with technical innovation and fashion-forward design, a wide variety of patterns and colors suitable for any commercial application is available.


Technologies Applied


RIM non-solvent coating technology. SILICONE coating technology. ECO composition technology.


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Our contract/commercial oriented products are engineered to fit the applications in offices, hotels, restaurants, airports, theaters and waiting rooms. Contact us for a case study on former project.