Hospital & Healthcare Leather Solution

Premium medical grade upholstery materials.


If your clients plan to update their medical equipment and furniture recently such as hospital bed, healthcare seating, sleeper chair, glider, chaise lounge for the patient and resident rooms, then what new possibilities might be proposed to them to either keep winning the orders from the clients or improve their satisfaction on products offering?


Besides the improvement on product design and the keep of good aftersales service, the improvement of a new option on the upholstery material other than traditional vinyl or fabrics is also a direction to consider.


Our healthcare-oriented products are specially engineered by targeting hospital and healthcare environment use occasions. There is always a group of users who look for a different option which traditional vinyl or fabrics cannot meet their needs perfectly or well enough. We develop and position our products to meet such needs gap high traffic applications in hospital or healthcare environments.


Besides the same advantages, such as being easy to clean, incredibly hygienic, waterproof or water-resistant, anti-microbial properties, and durable, our products also have features that traditional vinyl does not have.


Better aesthetics: today's designers are much more mindful of the undertones that PVC plastic-made material can convey to site visitors. Plastic has the propensity to create an institutional feel that doesn't do much to place individuals at ease.


More eco-friendly: PVC-based plastic materials are considered the least desirable. The vinyl industry has been improving on vinyl materials. However, they still may release hazardous chemicals, and also, there is much that scientists still do not understand about the impacts of long-lasting direct exposure to particular chemicals.


More Comfort: PVC feels and touches rigid, especially in low ambient temperatures. And it has a tendency to stick to bare skin, particularly in high ambient temperatures.


The choice between our products and vinyl typically comes to cost and expectation for better options without disadvantages of vinyl. Some say that vinyl has been safely made use of for years as well as offers far more wellness benefits than disadvantages. Like the decision-making in other fields, it is always a matter of what's are more important than the rest when prioritizing. Consumers have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages on their own.


Technologies Applied


RIM non-solvent coating technology. SILICONE coating technology. ECO composition technology.


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Our hospital and healthcare-oriented materials are engineered to fit the applications of healthcare beds, dental beds, massage beds, hospital stretchers, medical recliner chairs, sleeper chairs, and chaise lounge for hospital and healthcare purposes.


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