How to care for eco-leather?

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How to care for eco-leather?

The full name of microfiber eco-leather is "microfiber reinforced leather". It has excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility, and the environmental protection effect now advocated. 

Microfiber leather is recycled leather and is softer than genuine leather. Microfiber leather is a newly developed high-grade leather in synthetic leather, which belongs to a new type of leather. Because of its wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection, beautiful appearance and other advantages, it has become the most ideal choice to replace natural leather.


So how to maintain microfiber leather products in daily life? Let's talk about it today!

Generally speaking, leather products have a maintenance principle that must be paid attention to: in short, they should be moisture-proof, high-temperature-proof, extrusion-proof and dust-proof.

In detail, the most important thing in leather maintenance is to protect the leather surface, prevent the leather surface from being scratched by hard or sharp objects, and prevent the leather surface from being stained with oil. In case of oil stains, first use a dry towel to dry the stains, then use a leather cleaner to clean up, and finally apply a layer of leather brightener to achieve the maintenance effect. In addition, due to the strong water absorption of leather, it is necessary to pay attention to anti-fouling. If the leather is tarnished, it can be polished with leather polish, but not with leather shoe polish, because different leather products have different leathers. 

Before choosing the most suitable cleaning and maintenance oil, you must first ask the leather. And before the official use, it is necessary to apply a small area of the product to test whether the product is suitable to achieve double insurance.