Outdoor Leather Solution

To meet needs that vinyl or normal fabrics cannot meet well.


Our outdoor-oriented products are specially engineered by targeting outdoor environment use occasions. In the outdoor products industries such as marine interiors or outdoor seats and furniture, vinyl and fabrics have been the major leather replacement in use for quite long time.


Like the indoor application, there is always a group of users who look for a different option. Traditional vinyl or fabrics cannot meet their needs perfectly or well enough.


We position our outdoor-oriented products to meet such a needs gap.


Advantages and Features


Ultra-low VOCs

We use non-solvent and plasticizer-free techniques allowing the material to have ultra-low VOCs no more odors from your products.


UV hydrolysis, cold crack/flame/stain resistance

Excellent resistance to light and heat.


Eco-friendly, ROHS, REACH


PASS SGS 10-week hydrolysis resistance test PASS (simulating ten years in use)

PASS the REACH regulation (high concern substances) of EU

PASS 100,000 cycles of Valspar wear-resistant test

PASS PONY 1000 hours UV aging test