Residential Leather Solution

Help to create cozy living space with happy atmosphere.


Creating a cozy and inviting living environment together matters greatly to our day-to-day life—the space where we stay and the things put into the space all influence how do we feel. It is not exaggerating that the products and the upholstery materials can function to make us happy or less happy.


Having the right things in the rooms can make it a lot different when creating the desirable environment.


A residential-oriented leather replacement solution is the first in our product line. During the past more than 15 years, the residential market has always been an important segment for us, even if we have expanded to other market segments.


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Technologies Applied


RIM non-solvent coating technology. SEA-ISLAND microfibers technology. ECO composition technology.


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Our residential oriented leather replacement solutions are engineered to fit for use in sofas, sectionals, recliners, chairs, beds, cushions, etc. Contact us for a case study on former project.