Technology Transfer of Eco Leather

Previously, more than one customer from Europe and Asia mentioned technology transfer topics for products such as non-solvent coating for synthetic leather and Eco Leather and Microfiber Leather manufacture. They intend to produce such products locally.

Our company is willing to cooperate sincerely with interested foreign partners in technology transfer.


We can provide collaborative framework documentation to help you understand the big picture, what results you can expect, and at what pace you can progress. Contact us for more info.


We are responsible for the training of production line run and technical.


Equipments, production process, raw materials system will all be shared with the partner who intends to localize the production.


1 Complete production line: 1 main line +1 non-solvent coating line +1 printing line +2 inspection machines + other related auxiliary equipment.

2. Line speed and capacity will be discussed in concall/video conference.

3. Equipment cost and technical cost will be discussed in concall/video conference.

3. The length, width and height required by the plant will be discussed in concall/video conference.


The scope of technology transfer cover :


Technology transfer of non-solvent coating

Technology transfer of eco leather

Technology transfer of microfiber leather

Technology transfer of silicone leather


Get in touch for more info, catalogs, or samples.